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Set up your company in Japan

We help you bring your products and services to Japan, a country we know well.

Slide Soccer 2 Localized

We localized the game Slide Soccer 2, the latest big hit of Ideateca / Ludei for iOS.

We translated the interface and promotional texts to Japanese and Korean. We also worked for their other hits iBasket and Four in a Row.

Minube Guides

We translated Minube Guides for Japan. Minube is the one of the leadings social networks for travellers worldwide.

We made the selection of places and spots, translation and localization.

Red Karaoke Japan

We give full service to the Japanese branch of Red Karaoke, one of the biggest online karaokes in the world.

We take care of localization, customer service & maintenance of web and mobile applications.

BlackVostok Translated

We translated BlackVostok, a premium Wordpress theme targeted to photographers and visual professionals.

The theme page, Wordpress option pages and confirmation emails were translated and adapted to Japanese particularities.

Movistar Video Dubbed

We translated and dubbed Movistar Video solution.

Movistar Video is the best example of Vostok design philosophy: honesty, elegancy and simplicity.

Made in Japain

We promoted this event co-organized by ICEX and Culdesac for the Spanish Design Week in Tokyo 2010.

We shaked their online presence (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc) in Japanese and English.


  • Market Research

    We’ll study the competition and their products in order to figure out if there is enough space for you in the market.

  • Company Assistance

    We’ll collaborate with you to structure your operations to be able to work with Japan, as well as assist you to come and arrange meetings with key partners.

  • Product Adaptation

    What works for Europe or USA could not work for Japan, and usually doesn’t. We’ll help you to adapt your product and find the best fit in the country.

  • Translation & Localization

    Western way of communication is not always appealing for Japanese people, so we’ll provide a natural translation and adaptation of your message.

  • Customer Service

    There is no better marketing tool than a customer service over expectations: word of mouth will help your product grow in an organic and steady way.

  • Marketing & Promotion

    For concrete campaigns, we understand users and customers through communication, and we act in a fast and focused way to get the best results.



“Mottainai” is a Japanese word meaning the feeling of pity about something wasted. And “mottainai” is how we feel about all these great products and services ignoring Asia because they are afraid of the difficulties. We created ShakingAsia because things should not be that way. We know how to overcome these barriers. We help businesses to become global and successful. We help them to find a place and communicate with their audiences in Asia, so they can grow in an organic and solid way. We Expand Markets. We Jump Barriers.

“It hit me that, for young people, this whole world is the same now. [...] We’re just one world now.” Steve Jobs.


Lean Global Startup: We created this methodology in order to avoid the typical mistakes companies do while try to internationalize their products.

Assumption & Experiment: This online marketing methodology is based on the work of Eric T. Anderson, who determined that it is impossible to extract good conclusions from mere data analysis.

Customer Service Beyond Expectations: Users provide us a great feedback so we can adapt and improve the product, and an invaluable word of mouth from happy users will help you to grow in a organic and steady way.


We are constantly traveling between Japan and Europe; the best way to reach us is through email.
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